Monday, 1 October 2018

Scroll Free September

Stuff I did during the month of September instead of gawping at social media for hours on end.

Extended this piece of experimental music from a while back because it was too short.

Put together some visuals for said tune using my new camera - thanks Owen!

poem about everything (2018 extended mix) by Helên Thomas from Helên Thomas on Vimeo.

Took some pictures and made this gif.

Took loads more pics - these are just a few.

Made a creepy video to go with some experimental music that I made a while back.

Noise Experiment 1 by Helên Thomas from Helên Thomas on Vimeo.

Did lots of other things that were vastly more uplifting than getting sucked into the madness that is social media, though none of those things are particularly worthy of note, so I will keep them to myself. Needless to say, I will probably share the fruits of my time offline once I get back on to facebook and twitter, but I feel better for taking a step back and doing something creative for its own sake. Likes and shares are nice, but not essential. 

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