Monday, 22 June 2015

Don't Mess With The Birds

I've been noodling with sounds again and have accidentally turned into an experimental musician. It's easily done: one minute you're marvelling at the beauty of the birdsong in the garden and before you know it you've recorded and uploaded it into audacity, looped it, snipped it, reversed it and put a load of effects on it until it sounds like a terrible psychotic nightmare sequence from an early 1970s English horror film.

This tune was made using a short recording of some birdsong, featuring a song thrush (I think) and some other random garden noises. The result was this creepy soundscape.

I was quite pleased to learn that the tune was picked up by Markus Koehler who presents a show called 'Difficult Music For Difficult People'  broadcast from Hamburg.

Here's the edition of the show from a couple of weeks ago that opens with my track, followed by a jingle for the show that Owen and me did for Markus.

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