Thursday, 12 June 2014

He's only making plans for Boris

So, London mayor Boris Johnson has gone ahead and bought a water cannon for London without consulting the home secretary...

He's only making plans for Boris

wolf in clown clothing he's everyone's chum
buffoon buys a cannon - all harmless fun
reclaim the streets from the plebs and the scum
affable, laughable chimp with a gun

when taken to task affects naughty boy
bearing to riffs re. the next hosepipe ban
thinks us too half soaked to see through the ploy
power by stealth, it's all going to plan

circus confetti won't  wash anymore
nor will a balloon to comb a  man's hair
who thinks he's a shoo-in cleaning the floor
of all in his path to be Tory heir

apparent despite his bumbling schtick
we know he's transparent; he thinks we're thick

©Helên Thomas 12/6/14

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