Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tiny weenie snail

As a contrast to yesterday's beast of an obese slug, today I offer you a very small and oh so cute snail. Why is it that snails are cute, even the slimy bits, simply because they sport their own mobile home on their backs?

I've always had a soft spot for snails. There was always an abundance of them round and about my Taid's (Grandfather's) cottage where we used to stay in summer holidays as kids. I'm not a supporter of horse racing or any other sports involving animals, but snail racing still seems to be a fairly innocent childhood activity. As long as they're returned safely to the undergrowth afterwards. Maybe the snails don't agree. Anyway, here's today's mini-beast with obligatory 50 pence piece for scale.

    Jon, I got my crocs into shot especially for you! xx


  1. The trouble with tiny weeny snails is they grow into ravenous great big buggers that ruin your greenery! Jx

    PS The best use for Crocs? Before throwing them in the bin, use them to splatter as many slugs and snails as you can possibly find...