Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pouff and Helên Thomas - Junk Motor

I recently collaborated with US based electronic musician Pouff on the track below. I provided lyrics and vocals after hearing a snippet of a track that Pouff was working on. Pouff only had the words 'junk to junk' and 'funk the funk' in mind and then threw it over to me. So, prior to this completed track appearing on soundcloud, the beats and the words had traversed The Atlantic a couple of times, something that I still find mind boggling. The internet is ACE isn't it? Hello, anyone there...  You can hear the track via the soundcloud embed and read the lyrics below. As always happens with collabs, it's quite different to something I'd have come up with on my own - that's something I always enjoy about working with other people. Hope you like it anyway.

Junk Motor

Funk the junk spark up the motor
Major Tom’s gone to North Dakota
I know you lost the note I wrote… yer.
couldn’t give a damn, a dime or iota.
guzzling’s a gas on a wild road trip
gulp it down, never sip
grit in your eye and bee stung lip
told like it is; shot from the hip
tin can alley cats dance and spit
bott’s dots lie aligned and lit
flame quick felines living on wit
claim the fast lane from cockpit
Junk the hunk, that dead bit of wood
no moving parts under the hood
ditch the schmuck stick in the mud
roadkill lizard with stone cold blood
roll with the lows and glide on the highs
who knows, I suppose what might arise
a leaner demeaner’s a keen disguise
I’ll surprise the guys with my demise
fortune smiles on those who try
you need to believe if you want to fly
sly way the high way, ice and dry
never did get to say goodbye
Funk the funk, junk to junk
You don’t need to know what’s in my trunk
Dump the drunk, click the klunk
Lifestyle a haircut monk to punk


  1. love it! i can hear a bit of peaches in there which is never a bad thing! xx

  2. Peaches! Ha ha! That's ace - thank you!

  3. I played this tune for my husband, the mechanic. He seemed to like it, by that I mean, he didn't say, " I've got to go"...he listened to the whole thing and smiled. I enjoyed it as well!

  4. Thanks Nancy. I reckon we reeled him in with the title if he's a mechanic. xx