Thursday, 28 April 2011


Women, particularly feminists with crap tits, look away now. You might like to put your hands over your ears too.

Here is a brief, yet catchy, ditty by the naughty scamp musician known as Pusbunny. It's called 'Women' and it's about women.

Obviously, I was utterly shocked and appalled when I heard such rampant misogyny masquerading as a jaunty little song and was moved to write a rebuttal which you can hear and applaud now:

If you're open minded and have an utterly puerile, nay filthy, sense of humour, you may enjoy Pusbunny's fabulously crafted anarchic songs. However, if you can't handle that sort of thing then I suggest you listen to Sting (that's a rhyme).

I actually like 'An English Man In New York' and the vid features the wonderful Quentin Crisp, but I'll be popping round to Pusbunny's house later with a DVD of Sting in concert with his tantric mandolin or whatever it is he noodles along to these days. Pusbunny, you've been warned!

You can hear more Pusbunny tracks at: or do a search on Youtube for more tracks and rude vids that will probably feature on this blog at a later date.